Monthly Archives: April 2017

Valleys – A Sonnet

High School Ends: broken-record boyfriend no

more. Loneliness and Change I can’t embrace

yearbook signing day I finally know:

Not Alone! with His People race this race

Baby Butterfly: I hold a blessing

yet crumble to the bathroom floor; distraught

Must help myself! no; B’s aunties questing:

prayer hugs hold up the arms I cannot

Surgery, Job Loss, More: Life – panic’s edge

impossible math; God’s people, “Praying!”

“Need food?” “Praying!” “I’ll help mow.” “Praying!” Hedge:

we eat, drive, more – God’s glory displaying

for us – too deep for words – the Spirit groans

Please! Let us rejoice in these broken bones.

Our family walks through a valley right now, and I see God’s people circling us. As someone counseled my husband today, the Lord seeks to teach us something in this valley. He’ll bring us through it, and the next mountain top will be all the sweeter.

God didn’t have to make creation beautiful!┬áBeauty is a gift of common grace.

Sonnet, verse illustrations, and photograph by Rebecca Burgener. Please respect my brainstorms, and give credit where credit is due. If you would like your own custom poetry or illustrated verses, please contact me at