Monthly Archives: February 2019

Earth’s Rotation

We’ve been slightly sick, and that’s afforded more writing time than I’ve found all year.

nausea worse on my right

than my left

dislike sleeping on my back


“She’s a street rat in need of a lamp.”

fingers itch and buzz

must save her

No! No! No! Not allowed!

Her trajectory nears an end.

Must Save Her!

Not Allowed! . . . but do it

oil-dipped fingers: Light her lamp.

She didn’t know she had it

All Along

~future presents past with ocean waves~


She attends the tutoring center.

She doesn’t know.

Always. She was born into wealth

that affords math help. Always.

No itching, buzzing, oil-dipped fingers

Yet we grow her number sense.

~a different kind of magic~

privately I wonder

Is this trajectory better?

wealth cannot avoid tragedy;

sometimes security skips adventures

Child! Don’t lose your lamp.

Remember How We Forgot

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