Labor Day – Rest is a Gift

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We’re starting our school year with Labor Day. (Day one is always about taking pictures and goofing off. I’m considering a weenie roast. We’ll see.)

Each school year I intend to study each holiday as we come to it. It’s a hit or miss kind of thing, but time marches on.

We begin again. Do my kids know why our corner of the world takes a three-day weekend each September? Maybe slightly.

With the help of pinterest, I found a simple and free printable packet about Why We Celebrate Labor Day by another blogger named Rebecca. It’s not exhaustive, but it’s enough. We aim to visit the library every week. My children are perfectly capable to exploring more information if they would like. I really appreciate that I don’t have to subscribe in order to get the free printable. I will explore her blog, Miniature Masterminds, further in the future.

Of course, looking at her stuff made me want to add a little something to the resources we’ll use. So I put together a quick printable about God’s gift of rest AND work. It includes a chance to record your child’s hand print. Those hands grow so fast! A new school year is a good time to capture them. Please enjoy using My Working Hands this Labor Day or any other day you need a little help explaining to the short (and not so short!) people in your home about the importance of work AND rest.

How does your family celebrate Labor Day?

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