Hello! And Welcome!

Why don’t you kick off your shoes and stay awhile?

Hello, I’m a Writer

I delve deep

to find the beauty in the little things.

Sometimes I just stare at the moon.

Lots of times, I’m slightly goofy,

but I always stand for what’s right.

I admit:  I’m a bit mysterious.

DON’T tell me NOT to be loud.

I can enjoy a good challenge.

I’m not as fragile as I look.

Watch for my thorns.

I wrote that poem in my teens with the help of a program called Creative Writer 2. (<—-That’s an affiliate link. Thanks for supporting my Brainstorms!) I looked through all the clip art on the program and grabbed any picture that tickled my fancy. Then I built the poem around the clip art and discarded the unused items. The finished product decorated my bedroom door for years. I’m not sure if I still have it in my files somewhere. I hope to illustrate this poem at some point in the future. Can you build a poem around a series of pictures? You can use photographs, clip art, magazine clippings, or your own art. Try to follow a theme. Decide: do you want to write a free form poem? a sonnet? haiku? something else? It’s up to you! I would love to hear about your “finished” product!

I hope you enjoy the things I share on this site! Keep up with me through my author page on Facebook, and feel free to email me anytime. 🙂