Earth’s Rotation

We’ve been slightly sick, and that’s afforded more writing time than I’ve found all year.

nausea worse on my right

than my left

dislike sleeping on my back


“She’s a street rat in need of a lamp.”

fingers itch and buzz

must save her

No! No! No! Not allowed!

Her trajectory nears an end.

Must Save Her!

Not Allowed! . . . but do it

oil-dipped fingers: Light her lamp.

She didn’t know she had it

All Along

~future presents past with ocean waves~


She attends the tutoring center.

She doesn’t know.

Always. She was born into wealth

that affords math help. Always.

No itching, buzzing, oil-dipped fingers

Yet we grow her number sense.

~a different kind of magic~

privately I wonder

Is this trajectory better?

wealth cannot avoid tragedy;

sometimes security skips adventures

Child! Don’t lose your lamp.

Remember How We Forgot

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