Oh, Lord, I Thank Thee – A Motherhood Poem

Happy Mother’s Day!

I thank thee for the little fingers

that get into everything

for without these little fingers

to whom else would I sing?


Sing of your praises

And sing of birds and bees

Sing to my little ones

Songs of elephants and fleas


I thank thee for the little voices

that sometimes whine and cry

for without these little voices

I would never wonder why


Why is the sky blue?

And why do You start us small?

Why must we eat vegetables

to grow up strong and tall?


I thank thee for the little eyes

that peep when they should be sleeping

for without these little eyes

what dreams would be worth keeping?


Keeping dreams of a big house

with laughter in each room

love and hugs and tiny dreams

you stitched together in my womb


I thank thee for these little children

you have placed in my care

for without these little children

joyous moments would be rare

If you are looking for a last minute Mother’s Day craft, please allow me to save the day! (Affiliate Links Ahead – Thanks for supporting my brainstorms!)

For the craft pictured at the top of this post you need the following:


  1. Pick a background color from the construction paper.
  2. Cut out the poem.
  3. Pick a hand color.
  4. Trace and cut out your each child’s hand.
  5. Write three things on the construction hand cut out
    1. Child’s Name
    2. Child’s Age
    3. Year
  6. Paste poem and hand print onto background paper.
  7. Write “Happy Mother’s Day!”

And, voila! Thirteen students and I were able to make the completed projects above in about half an hour, and some students made extras for grandmothers. The glue would be dry before Mom finishes her breakfast-in-bed.

Now, if you have extra time, or you’re willing to pass out gifts late, one year I used larger construction paper, one poem, hand prints for each kid, and a group picture. Then I laminated the whole project. For the local grandmothers we put it together like a big poster for in-person delivery, and for the far-off grandmothers we folded the construction paper like an extra large card and mailed them in extra-large envelopes. I even managed hand and feet prints from my newborn nephew for grandmothers and sent one back to his mother. I wish I could manage something that elaborate every year, but hopefully scarcity drives up the value, right?

If you can, hug your mother today, or call her, or write her, or draw her a pretty picture!

And if you can’t do any of those things, find a bit of quiet and a comforting drink, and remember. Remember why you would love to call or write or draw her a pretty picture.

And, maybe . . . draw that picture anyway.