Mildly Disorganized? You Shall Not Pass!

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Desperate for help and change?

Hi! Why don’t you come in? Kick off your shoes and stay awhile. Let’s chat.

Kick Off Your Shoes

One of my crazy goals for 2014 is to completely clean and declutter every room in the house one room at a time.

It’s a big goal to shoot for but reach for the stars and all that. 🙂

If you’ve been to my house you know I am not a master housekeeper. I wish I was. I always thought I would be. (Don’t ask me for the logic behind that.) I do strive to not apologize for the state of my home so visitors don’t have to look around and say, “Oh, it’s not that bad. I love what you’ve done with that empty corner.”

My cousin and I discussed our families going on vacation without us so we could stay home and clean. Sadly, I have daydreamed about that possibility. Can the pets leave too?

But! The family would return and so would the mess even if I achieved show-home perfection for a tiny moment.

And honestly? Much of the mess starts with me. So I’m focusing on simple habits while I reach for big miracles.

Hi, Nony! Have you met this woman? I love her so much I want to buy her every creation twice so she’ll keep blogging through her mess.

Um, I haven’t done that yet, but this little book is the perfect month-long pep-talk for me about creating good cleaning habits. I came up with the cash to buy 28 Days to Hope for Your Home as soon as Nony published it.

Should you buy it too? Why, yes, because I love Nony, and I can’t support her by myself. 🙂

Will this book help you too?

  • Would leaving a sink full of dirty dishes keep you awake at night?
  • Do you invite company over without a second thought to the condition of your bathroom?
  • Would you consider eating off your kitchen floor?

If you answered yes to those questions you DON’T need this book!

Nony named this book 28 Days to HOPE for Your Home with good reason. It is not 28 Days to a Perfect Home. Let’s jump in the kiddie pool and start swimming lessons.

Spoiler: Nony wants you to do the dishes. All of them. Every single day. Get started.

More thoughts next week!

Do you easily keep up with your dishes?